Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System-Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System
Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System-Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System
Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System-Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System

Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System

Product Details

Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System,which is researched and developed by Qingdao Main-Link Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd., by means of high pressure washing, foam disinfection and spray disinfection to kill the pathogenic microorganisms and cut off its transmission route.


◆ Qingdao Main-Link Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System’s Parameter:

◆ Product Advantages

Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System

①  Can wash and decontaminate multiple vehicle types, provide customize washing for the exterior of vehicles. 

②  Three functions:high pressure cleaning,foam cleaning and foggy/foam disinfection

③  Special powerful cleaning nozzle, excellent cleaning effect.

④  Hot water cleaning for further decontamination

⑤  360° all-round cleaning and disinfection,almost no dead ends flushing to the vehicle body.

⑥  Main material is strong and durable,all treated with hot-dip galvanizing process for anti-corrosion treatment.

⑦  All core components are all international leading brands.

Qingdao Main-Link Full-automatic Vehicle Cleaning and Disinfection Center could meet all kinds of vehicles’ cleaning and disinfection request,such as pig transfer vehicle, livestock and poultry vehicle, pig seedling vehicle, pig breeding vehicle, pig transport vehicle, long-distance transport vehicle, van pig pulling vehicle and feed tank vehicle.Also it builds the facilities on the center’s both sides such as toilets, staff dormitories, duty rooms and disinfection rooms to ensure the cleaning and disinfection center operate normally.

◆ Washing Process

 1、The guide rod (or guide) installed at the bottom of the washing room,leads the vehicle to park at a designated position.


2、Pre-rinse the vehicle’s exterior and the chassis.

Pre-rinse vehicle’s top and body by nozzles,which are distributed on the side and above of the vehicle. Then pre-rinse the chassis by the automatic wash equipment embedded in the bottom. That realizes all-round 360-degree washing of the vehicle body, and avoid some cleaning blind spots.


3、Run the Vehicle Cleaning and Chassis Wash Equipment, spray the foam detergent for the vehicle top, sides and also the chassis.

4、Spray the foam detergent to destroy the biofilm of the pathogen. After the setting time is reached,then operate the two equipment to wash the whole vehicle with high pressure water.

5、Run the vehicle wash and chassis wash equipment simultaneously,finish the foggy disinfection. After high pressure washing, foam clean and foggy disinfection, the pathogenic microorganisms carried by the vehicle are fully wiped out.

6、After finish washing and disinfection, vehicle drives out of the Washing Room.

Vehicle drives out of the Washing Room

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