Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System is completed in Taojiatun pig farm

Nov 21st, 2022

●  On May 19, 2020, the Automatic Truck Wash & Sanitizing System and Drying System designed and installed by Qingdao Main-link Cleaning for Liaoning Xinwang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning Xinwang") were commissioned and officially delivered for use.    

●  Liaoning Xinwang is a subsidiary of Tibet Xinhao Technology Co., Ltd., which belongs to New Hope Liuhe. Liaoning Xinwang million live pig industry project will build two settlement pig farms in Taojiatun Town and Dongsheshanzi Town in Xinmin City, adopting the whole industry chain operation mode combining modern settlement type planting and breeding, the project will produce 650,000 slaughter per year commercial piglet    

●  As a strategic partner of New Hope Liuhe, Qingdao Main-link Cleaning has designed a construction plan for a  Automatic Truck Wash& Sanitizing System and Automatic Drying System based on previous cooperation experience and the actual requirements of Liaoning Xinwang. The decontamination center and drying center can clean, sterilize and dry the transport vehicles in the pig farm at high temperature. Through the combination of physics and chemistry, the harmful pathogenic microorganisms in the vehicle can be fully killed to prevent the spread of pathogens brought by the vehicle. , to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment.   

●  Automatic Truck Wash& Sanitizing System and Automatic Drying System produced by Qingdao Main-Link Cleaning effectively cut off the transmission of pathogens through vehicles, which is an ideal measure to maintain the normal operation of pig farms.

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